The Corporation is the owner of huge tailings facilities in and around Thetford Mines. It has plans to further pursue its economic development through the upgrading and use of these tailings. Together with other stakeholders, it is pressing the federal and Quebec governments to expressly authorize the use of these tailings. It is also paramount that the government departments involved such as health and the environment do not indirectly prevent development efforts through regulations or exaggerated constraints and publicity. Governmental releases mentioned nowhere that the beneficiation of mine tailings would not be prohibited.

It should be pointed out that the metals and minerals contained in the mine tailings such as magnesium, nickel, chrome and cobalt all have exceptional qualities which can be used to manufacture value-added products. Several projects of that nature are at the commissioning stage.


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To learn more about the component of the tailings, check out these files:

- " composition des montagnes de résidus miniers

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